Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps opened their factory for a tour for La Mesa Fair Trade and those who signed up to go in November.  Those that attended the tour of Dr. Bronner's in Vista, CA. were impressed with the work ethic, for not only their employees but all people in their supply chain. The plant was immaculate, employees well paid, benefits covered and found the emphasis on environmental sustainability impressive. This fair trade company makes a difference for all people. Our hope is that they are a model for all that care about people and the planet.  Thank you, to our amazing tour guide, to Lani, Frankie and those that put together gift bags for us to take home.  We were very happy to speak with Michael Bronner at the end of our tour. 

La Mesa Fair Trade and Fair Trade San Diego County salutes 
Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Magic Soaps!

La Mesa Fair Trade and friends of Fair Trade
Lip Balms are filled by hand!

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