Monday, February 8, 2016

A morning coffee social at Cafe Virtuoso proved to be a great start to our day!  Fresh roasted coffee and pastries were waiting for us on Sat. 1/30/16.  Rigo Hernandez explained the process of their coffee, the special blends and the reason they carry and support Fair Trade. We were impressed that Cafe Virtuoso is served at some of the finest restaurants in San Diego.  Click here for locations!   His coffee is even shipped to a B&B in New Hampshire.  Rigo also gave us a tour of the warehouse.  The warehouse was immaculate, organized and the coffee roaster was state of the art! We encourage everyone to stop by Cafe Virtuoso and try their extraordinary coffee!


  1. Fair trade is an amazing concept. It allows natural growth by ensuring that farmers have enough money to cover costs, and workers get paid a reasonable amount for their products.

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